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Circulating fibrocystic is used to diagnose acute appendicitis

Sarah Lewis

It is necessary to develop better diagnostic biomarkers for acute appendicitis. Although the circulating fibrocystic percentage (CFP) is elevated in inflammatory conditions, acute appendicitis has not been researched. This study compared the diagnostic efficacy of standard serological indicators with CFP in acute appendicitis. Prospective cohort research was conducted. Fluorescence-activated cell sorting was used to dual-stain peripheral venous samples for CD45 and collagen I, which allowed for the determination of the CFP and its correlation with histological diagnoses. White cell count, C-reactive protein concentration, neutrophil count, lymphocyte count, and neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio were used to characterise and compare the accuracy of CFP in identifying histological acute appendicitis. The CFP is elevated in acute appendicitis that has been histologically proven, and it can diagnose the condition just as precisely as conventional serological indicators.

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