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Patrick Sangouard

This theoretical work corresponds to the hope of extracting, without contradicting the laws of thermodynamics or the EMMY NOETHER theorem, energy present in the whole universe: that of the spatial quantum vacuum! This article shows that it should be theoretically possible to maintain a continuous periodic vibration of a piezoelectric structure, which generates current peaks during a fraction of the vibration period. Electronics without any power supply then transform these alternating current signals into a usable direct voltage. To manufacture these different structures, we also present an original micro technology for producing the regulation and transformation electronics, as well as that necessary for controlling the very weak interfaces between the Casimir electrodes or the return electrodes! These vibrations are obtained by controlling automatically and at appropriate instants the action of the attractive Casimir force by a repulsive Coulomb force applied to return electrodes. The Casimir force appearing between the two electrodes of a reflector deforms a piezoelectric bridge. The internal piezoelectric field attracts opposing moving charges, from the mass, on either side of the piezoelectric bridge. Their periodic homogenization between one of the faces of the piezoelectric bridge and a return electrode creates, during a fraction of the vibration time, a current peak and a Coulomb force opposite and superior to the Casimir force. These current peaks crossing an inductance induce voltage peaks at the terminals of this device, which are transformed into a usable DC voltage thanks to proposed electronics without a power supply. Casimir and Coulomb forces, vibrations, current, or voltage peaks appear spontaneously and without external energy input. Everything is only a consequence of the existence of the Casimir force due to the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum!

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