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The role of parenting on students leading towards substance usage and its impact on their self-esteem: A cross sectional study

Binu N.B

The WHOs report of 2016 shows that 3.1 billion people are consuming substance. On a global perspective the per capita income is increased due to the consumption of substance. Moreover, worldwide 25.5 % of the substance sales are unrecorded which the sale is done by the outsiders other than the government stores. Also, a total of 44.8% are recorded as substance consumed as a spirit form. Second, the highly used type is in the form of beer 34.3% rest 11.7% of worldwide is consumed by wine. In WHOs, report females are less used substance than men, but as the previous status, the number of females consuming substance has increased. As a result, the total substance per capita will be reaching 6.6 liters in 2020 and 2025 will be increased to 7.0 liters. (“WHO | Global status report on substance and health 2018,” n.d)

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