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Dentistry Case Reports  is an international peer-reviewed journal that accepts research in all areas of dentistry and is part of a group of Pulsus journals entitled Current Research, which have the following common characteristics:

  • Renowned international editor-in-chief and editorial board
  • Rapid publication schedule (available on Impress within 30 days of publication acceptance)
  • Creative Common shares copyright with the author (CC BY-NC)
  • Available online in open access and in print
  • Digital version will be sent to over 6,000 qualified dental researchers worldwide
  • 5,000 paper copies distributed to doctors and researchers interested in dentistry
  • Studies undergo comprehensive peer review and, if accepted, are edited by experts.

Authors may submit their manuscripts through the journal's online submission and tracking system at  https://www.pulsus.com/submissions/dentistry-case-report.html  or send an email attachment to the editorial office (  publisher@pulsus). can be sent to .com

Principal authors receive a free copy of the printed journal in which their paper is published. Additional copies can be ordered at an author discount.

Article publication fee : There is a publication fee of EUR 919 for publication in open access mode  .

For subscription articles, article processing charges (APC) are:

Pages 1 to 10................... 150 euros  per page
From 11 pages...... 165 euros  per page

Note: All published articles are on a two-column page.

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